This morning I did not feel like running to the stables, my class 135 with Ice and Alf started 08.45 and I was NR 6 with Ice!  So I just directly got dressed in my show clothes and headed down to breakfast 
At the show I rode Ice Tea first, as I was NR 6 with him and NR 38 with Alf! No mornging riding today, went just out early to warm up!

It went really good today! We was clear! I could remain in control the whole course, and give him the best opportunitys  to jump clear! Really happy

Next was Alf’i! He was also REALLY GOOD! Already in the warm up very relaxed! And jumped great! We had one down! 

Ice Tea and his mascots in the stables !

Duc and his mascot, the Kanouk ( he is on the other side of Duc so you can’t see him in the picture) Duc is a good boy and lives this show with his door open all the time and have this tack hanging on his door, without biting or playing with it! Thank you Duc 🥕

When I was finished with the two starts on Ice and Alf I went jogging to the hotel! 

The road there:

At the hotel 

Went to sleep 30 min on the bed with the AC on, was really sweaty! And jogged back again!

I feed the horses lunch, went to eat lunch in the truck by myself, and focused on the Grand Prix with Duc! 

I have not been able to ride a good GP CSI ** or higher GP on him since that person attacked me. I had two down and retired after! He was a good boy! He always tries his best💖

When the Grand Prix was finished it was Calla and Skin turn to jump 115, I plaited Calla for Skin! Did my best to make the plaits as beautiful for them as I possibly can!

Calla was quite fresh today!  But Skin was calm and they had a nice round with one down! But very good!

Outfit of the rider! pro Horse jacket and shirt, kingsland pants! Me, the little coach, Louis Vuitton 

Now I’m off to sleep ! Good night 

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