Home today❤️

Today the horses have a day completely off with just hand walking! I woke up, got dressed in my bikini 

Put the Ralph Lauren towel dress over and went down to breakfast like this, so I could go directly to the pool after! -because today I’m checking out and are going home! When I come back to SanRemo I’m going to live in the truck! So want to enjoy this beautiful hotel as much as possible before I go 😉☀️🏄‍♀️🏝

Today I enjoyed my breakfast outside My room, Junior Suite 

Really top hotel! They even advertise/sell one of my watches here😍PROUD


Had lunch at the pool before I started to head back home! Love how the one Cartier love bracelet have different colors on the precious stones! Difficult to capture on the photo, but I enjoy watching it! Went to the stables to check on the chestnut guys, Calla and Skin

And here you have the clear round of Ice Tea from yesterday ​​

I am really happy with the round! How he jumped and how I sat up and was concentrated the whole round! 

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