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Alf’i ribbon today πŸŽ–

Started the day with morning riding Alf’i together worn Skin and Calla! Calla and Alf’i waiting for us this morning. 

We worked the horses low and relaxed! Both horses was good! 

Happy face! 

First start for me today was Alf in 130! Don’t worry, he got to go back to his box and eat and relax before going to the warm up! It was a jump of class and we were clear in the first round, and got to go out and come back again for the jump of! First round!

Jump off! Went worn just my show shirt to the jump off! Also clearπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ and ribbon πŸŽ–

Ice Tea and Duc jumped the Grand Prix qualifier! 

After the round of Alf it was really hot and I felt it is to warm for the horses to wear the sheep skin, so CWD the rest of the day 

Next one was Duc! He was really really good! Took a lot of chances and went inside everywhere! He was TOPπŸ˜ƒβ­πŸ’– we were clear on jumps but got one time fault, time was very short! 

I had a good round with Ice Tea also, 3 down! Totally on me! He was super 

Next up was Skin and Calla! The 125 started right after the Grand Prix qualifier, and Ice Tea was one of the last starts! So we had it all planed, I took care of Ice, she put studs in Calla! Then she went to change clothes and I put ice on Ice Teas feet!!

 Then we walked the course, I plaited Calla, and we saddled her together! 

Skin and Calla was super today! Or Calla was HYPER in the ring and wanted to jump everything at once! Skin did a really good job controlling her as good as possible, since the horse had a rocket in his a..! Well done Skin! 

I helped out a little in he stable, mocking our to Ice πŸ˜ƒ him and Calla are the most piggy horses we have! And then I went to the pool!  Pool outfit/snap chat

Bikini of the day 

Cool with the small stones in multiple colors on the top
Nothing more special than that today! Went back to the truck, ate, gave some cuddles to the horses! Took a run down town, back to the truck! More food and then bed! 

1 thought on “Alf’i ribbon today πŸŽ–”

  1. The JEM L pants are so beautiful! Can’t wait to order a pair!
    Good job with the horses. So nice to have good rounds. You put a lot of work and energy in them. Gives a good feeling for the hard work. And Skin doing great πŸ”
    Always nice to read your blog 😘

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