Tuseday and Nashmil is here 😍

Horses are taking it easy after the show! And I went to pick up Nashmil at the airport!

Before heading to the stables we visited Geneva, and had lunch at Starbucks 


My outfit of the day! Vercarse dress, and bracelet, Chanel sandals and Fendi bag 

Beautiful day in Geneva 

Then we went to take care of the horses and hand walk them! And I rode Calla! Riding outfit : Cavalleria Toscana pants and tshirt, Gucci belt, Parlanti Passion boots 
Me and Calla need to get use to each other again! Nashmil helped me a lot cause when Calla is not straight she looses the quality in her canter! And now she is trotting and cantering with the ass inside the track of the front legs. It says in all literature about horse riding dresssage that you have to move the front part of the horse on to the track of the hindlegs! Specially in canter, bacause if you put your inside leg to much “back”/”behind” it means change the gallop, so then you must move the front of the horse so it worked equally and straight with both hindlegs! 

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