Me and Francois was invited a while back I by our amazing seller at Cartier in Geneva,-Solange, to come to the Cartier Garden Party at the hotel La Reserve in Geneva! And of course we were happy to say yes!

 And since Nashmil had come to visit, we phone them and asked if we could bring a extra person! It was fine, so the 3 of us went together 😃

Before the party started in the evening we went to take care and ride the horses! Outfit of the day:

I actually had to change to a thicker top in the afternoon when he had some rain! But the sunshine came back!

On the program was a lot of horse walking and grass eating! Haha, they love to eat green grass as any horse and gets so happy when I lead them to grass so they can eat as much as possible!

Did not go to the gym today, did horse walking 

Picsou will be checked again on Monday, he is walking one hour! Good exercise for me! Also the other horses got walked a lot! Jill because that’s the only thing she does, Alf, Ice, Duc and Calla because of the show last week! They need some time to relax after the show!

I also rode them a bit, Calla, Ice, Duc and Alf! Just in the forest! Want them to have as much as possible brake this week! Then they will stay positive to work!

My phone did not charge tonight so I did not have so much batteries to take pictures with! So this is all before I got the phone charged!

When we were finished in the stables we went home to shower and got dressed for the party! My outfit 

The party was completely amazing! 


All the food you can imagine! Even Peking Duck!!


Later in the evening, they had dessert/snacks and fire work! And dancing! Off course Francois❤️ danced with me😍Photo booth 

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