Today we lost one of our best friends 💖SVEN⭐ 

He was a truly AMAZING person who had only love in his heart for everybody! 

He was always happy! And we have so many amazing memories with him! You loved Christmas, and I’m sad that you did not get to experience one more! How you excitedly decorated your house and had the joy of giving and also very curious and excited about the presents that was for you! When I last saw you I gave you your birthday present, and Christmas present! Both wrapped! In case I did not see you for Christmas! You were happy and excited but wanted to wait! You got to open your birthday present at least, anyway all this really does not matter! What matters is that you were fantastic, kind, funny, caring and responsible , our thoughts are with your family and all your friends 

Sven’s was so special, took us in when we had nowhere to go! 

He showed us unconditional love in action, bacause he gave all what he had and never asked anything in return! 

To have been so blessed to have learned to know you and have learned and watched you Svend, have made me a better person!

Thank you Svend 

Read more about all the fantastic things Svend did for us here:

Klick the blue writing 

When Svend helped us


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