Started my day with nothing, was in bed long, had this chocolat for breakfast , sad about Svend💖my thoughts to his family and many friends 💖 but I’m going to do this day like he wanted. Smile and bring joy, to everyone, like he did! I will try as good as I can! went to take a little nap on the veranda in the sun, watches Once upon a time on the computer and then went to the stables!

My outfit! Betty Boop tshirt Francois bought me on the Jazz festival last week, Cavalleria Toscana riding pants, Parlanti passion boots, and Kep ITALIA helmet 

Better picture of the t-shirt, wearing it wit jeans shorts from Tally Weil, Gucci belt and Louboutin shoes, sexy look, hahaha, normally not my style, but I should probably go out and wash the red Ferrari GTO dressed like this 😉😉So I started to ride Calla, rode A LOT FORWARD in the beginning! Have you noticed with yourself and your horse that it’s easy to have control when you ride slow, but it is more difficult to have control when you ride fast! So I trained on riding her forward but at the same time working her, riding her straight and making her relax  

Next one was Alf’i! He was so tense today, there was some people grilling at the same time as I was riding and the grill smell made him very nervous! I can understand that, he was probably afraid of ending up as a hot dog. But no worries, love him anyway, nad after ages of ages of riding he relaxed!  By then I was really hungry so I went to Mc Donald’s for a wrap and some of this before I continued -walking Jill and Picsou 

Then Duc, rode inside cause it was dark now! He wants to put his back in to the left when I want to collect him, so I trained a lot on this, to be able to ride forward and collect with him strait! And since I was riding inside I could look in the mirror that we was not cheating! 

Last one was the Ice Machine! Subject was long neck, active behind and soft mouth! Went good! 

I give the horses some extra protein Musli after work, you can see Ice Tea really is excited about it 😍

So cute, when I bring him down to his box he first check the crip, then look at me, then check the crib again, then he goes outside to look for the foodnow I’m going home to bed, gonna start early tomorrow! See you then 

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