Pool today 💑🏄‍♀️🏝

Started the day with a 4km run in our naibourhood

The to the stables! Started with doing flatwork with Alf! Her’s my outfit! Top from breshka, JEM ONE SEEM pants, Chanel belt, Kep ITALIA and Parlanti passion 

The top is nice because it is open in the back 

Long low horse today! Did also some poles on the ground and some small jumps with focus on making him search out his neck and relax his whole body! No matter if I rode forward or was collecting! Really good today 

Then Calla! Giraffe without hat today!Calla was a bit tense today, so the main thing was to get her to relax and as always be straight!  

Picsou was quite awake when I was leading him outside today! So I did not want to try any stunts to take pictures of him before we got in to the stables again! I have decided to walk him one more week until Daniel who is a vet and a equi terapist will come next week! Since I felt some stiffness  in the shoulder yesterday 

Hand walked and eat a lot of grass with Duc and Ice today! 

Then pool time with my love! Here is the new beach dress Francois bought to me in Montreux 😃

Bikini of the day 

My 👑KING❤️

A bit sun burned on the chest so this is a top solution! 

When we were done at the pool we went to Montreux 💃🕺JAZZ FESTIVAL to eat!  

Me and Francois❤️

My outfit: Roberto Cavalli dress, Chanel, bag shoes, earrings and bracelet  Love to hold your hand baby! I’m so proud to be yours ❤️Since it is the last week it’s a lot of people there so we spilt up and watched if somebody was leaving their table so we could sit down and eat Me and Anneli took burrito King  Followed by drink and desserts

Random Montreux Jazz Festival pics 


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