Haha, but I still had to do my program first! Meaning: Cardio and Horses😍💖🐴💖

Cardio, guess what! Yes! Today again! 

Then the stables😍 me today! Once in a Mellon tank top! JEM ONE SEEM pants, Hermes belt, Parlati Passion me and Alf went for some mixed interwall teaming. First slow and long and finished with speed and short! Look at him after, and then more doen compare with Duc! Such a big difference! Alf is a horse that is natural in good condition. While Duc and Ice for example has to work a lot more to be on the same level of physical condition as Alf! This is Alf after his training 

Me and Duc heading out 

As horses as humans, and it depends on what type of muscle fiber the body is build up by! type I or type IIa or IIb ! -Anyway here is Duc after his interval training with was the half of what Alf did 

When the horse is as sweat as this I sometimes wash them with shampoo, to really get away all sweat so no fungus appears! Next one was Ice Tea! Today I longed him. I wanted to study his locamotion. And see how he pushes with his hindlegs on right and on left. How he puts he’s body, and what I can do better to make him work equal with both hindlegs. 

Most people when they longe they just make the horse run, and maybe play with the phone. But if you really want to learn riding and be better, be present with the horse, Watch the horse and let him teach you!

Well deserved grass eating after longing and handwalking for Ice Tea 

Picsou! Really dreaming about riding and jumping him! Enjoying his company on our daily handwalks 

Picsou ready for carrots!

Calla had a day off today, and Jill is still at the clinic. 

So when I was finished with the horses I went to town with Francois! We wanted some much needed Frappochino in the heat, and I needed some skin products! We also got some training clothes and microfiber towels on sale! 

My outfit: Gucci dress, Gucci shoes and bag 🎀This little charm hangs down in the back! Really cute 

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