Wednesday, exercising, riding and sale at CHANEL🎀

I guess I can start to say as normal I went for my cardio mouintain! Must have been raining a lot tonight cause the trail was suddenly like this! 

On the train down! Am I inspiring some out there to exercise more?

Check out the train, filled with animals😂

Went directly to the stables! My outfit! This pike shirt from Lacoste is so cool! Glitter😍💎 Hermes belt, cavalleria Toscana! KEP ITALIA, parlanti passion

Started with interval with Duc! And you can see he done it right! White in sweat! It is hot today, so I know it’s more hard on them! But they do compete in the heat! I go jogging in like 28-30 degrees heat, so something’s the horses also need to do it to be prepaird for the shows

Next was Ice Tea! He had the same job! And was really excited by it! Told me if he was ever going to be sold, as he love his life here, but if he was going to be sold he would like to come to a jockey who rode sreaple chase! He loves jumping and he loves speed😂 I told him that he was not the right breed for that sport, but then he gave me the whole lesson about black and white humans, everybody is the same and I should not discriminate him😂

Alf and me did dressage! He was really good and relaxed today dressage for Remi, stable friend and Ultra Chick by Quidam de Revel also Calla seemed tired, she has been working hard with me since Skin stoped riding her, so she is probably feeling some muscles that she did not use in a long time! I gave her one more calm day with hand walking! Here she is in the paddock checking out me taking the other horses to ride! 
Normal day for Picsou and Jill! Pic is waiting for the vet/equiterapaut! And Jill is doing what Jill is doing😉 

Ice Tea one extra time in the paddock 😍🏝🐴

We went to Geneva After to check out the sales! My outfit: 

Valentino dress, Dior bag, Christian Louboutin shoes! Shopping at Chanel 😍💖🎀

And some Starbucks 

Beautiful lake Geneva yeah, I admit it!! I’m REALLY PROUD of this car This is what we bought today! 

Chanel longe sleeved t-shirt, from the COCO CUBA CRUISE collection, Chanel top and scarf from the spring  summer collection  

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, exercising, riding and sale at CHANEL🎀”

  1. Så cool och fin bil! 🙂 älskar färgerna!
    Ja, jag blir själv pepp av morgontränings rapporten haha -lite det dagarna man kanske tvekar på att ta sig ut tidigt!. Varierar själv mellan cykel ,promenad och jogging för konditionen, det beror på.

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      1. I had a knee operation in the last years, from a skitraining injury. so the training Afterwards has been reealy progressive – so i mix a lot not only running for example (not at all!) bc im careful with the knee 🙂 👍

        Liked by 1 person

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