Thursday need to go for fitting and I am craving for Starbucks

Was up early and started to ride! Started with some dressage with Calla!  

My outfit: Armani t-shirt, Chanel belt, Cavalleria Toscana ridingpants, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti passion boots accessories 

Calla had been a bit tired so she have had two days of calm! So today her energy was totally restored!!

I had to Trott her a looong time before she relaxed! But when she did she was good! She was a bit sensitive and strong at the same time. Not easy to ride straight today! 
Next horse was Alf! We went for hard interval training! I said it before and I say it again, he is in crazy good condition!!! From the first part of the training he did not even brake a sweat!!! 

Next horse was Ice Tea! He had dressage today! We worked a lot on traditions and being able to collect him under more movment forward on a straight line, but still stay light in the hand! He was a good boy and got Apples after 😃

Anneli went to eat grass with Duc, Alf and Ice Tea! Duc had a extra long walk because he had interval training yesterday and needed a day off! Picsou and Jill had their normal program with walking! Daniel came to look at Picsou today, he had some equi therapy and are resting again! Aaaaaaah!!!! Most important is that he will be okey so I just have to waaaaait! 

Anyway, the 3 of us, Anneli me and Francois took her for some sightseeing in Lausanne! I had to go to the trailer and just get fitted the Chanel I bought last week ! We got Starbucks that I was crawling for the whole day, and I bought a eyeliner!  My outfit, Roberto Cavalli dress, Chanel slippers Chanel bag! Like at the Jazz last week! Really love this outfit, and my high heels always get stuck in the stones in Lausanne, so the slippers was a great choice! It is summer! 

Me waiting for my clothes at fitting 

Shopping of today 

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