Friday and weekend 

Me and Ice Tea went for interval training today, in the heat! And he was so excited!!😂😂 when he had done his laps he wanted to do more, so he did! That made him very tired! 

My outfit: Ralph Lauren pike shirt, Hermes belt and bracelet, cavalleria Toscana riding pants, parlanti passion boots, Kep ITALIA helmet! 

On our way out 

On the way back Ice Tea got some fresh gras 

Anneli taking care of Ice Tea while I am on my way to get Duc! 

Interval with Duc also! He was not as “hot” as Ice Tea and I was able to mange to do just the planed rounds! Check out what I do with the noseband so they more easy can eat grass on the way home 😋

On Alf’is program today it was flatwork and small jumps! He was perfect and really relaxed! 

After yesterday’s hard work Calla was really good today! She changed the gallop good even to the right, and relaxed and was in general good!  Maybe a little bit more trying to “hang in the hand” than usual! Did the small jumps with her also, and she listen very well! 

When the stables was done me and Anneli went to Starbucks and I got a STARBUCKS tank top that I had been craving for a long time 

Went also to get some groceries! Bought our own hay brix for the horses so they hopefully gain more witght, and also a fly rug for Alf’i

Went to the gym with FrancoisTomorro I have loads of plans so I’m leaving home early, and made the breakfast for tomorrow today 😋

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