Sunday and sleeping in😴

Me and Francois❤️ woke up at 09.00 but I wanted to sleep 10 min longer and had to get Francois in my super sleep postition where I sleep with my head like on him so I could sleep just 10 more min! We woke up at 11😂 haha

Had the pancakes and went to the stables! Jumping on the schedual! First was Alf’i, and here’s my outfit: 

Chanel t-shirt, earrings and belt, Animo pants, parlanti passion riding boots and KEP ITALIA helmet

I am SOOOO PROUD of this t-shirt, since I am a fashion lover!!! Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel has not made a t-shirt in as long as I can remember, and I am so proud to own one short sleeve and one long sleeve!  

My exercise for the jumping today was jumping higher fences and a 3 combination with vertical vertical both ways! Warmed up by jumping 4 jumps on a circle, you guys will see the films on Instagram Alf was totally AMAZING!!

Next was Duc! He was also very good! Like always! He always does his bestcan I say it again? The front leg of Duc! Seriously horse goals 

Alfter training they get the bridel off and get Apples 

Then Ice Tea, we got a new idea to have no leg at all on him just before the jump to hope he will take more time to jump up, and it seemed to work! He was really good today! 

Last one jumping was Calla! It is really going good and she was relaxed and super! It was really hot by the time i started with her, so half way she felt a little empty on the jump, but she tried her best and was very positive 

Anneli walked Picsou and Jill, and helped with the jumping, saddling, washing horses, putting ice on, and so on! 

Me and Francois went to the pool when we’re finished with training! 

Bikini of the day: Teznis, pink Hermes sandals, Chanel sunglasses and earrings

My 👑KING❤️FRANCOIS I got cold after swimming (only 26 degrees) so Francois let me wear his shirt to get warm again 

Steak for dinner at home and I just had a 7 km run! Have a great Sunday night everyone 

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