Tuesday, Geneva and the stables 

Hi guys! Me and Francois went to Geneva today early morning! Another doctors appointment, happy that Francois always comes with me so we can spend the day together 😍❤️

My outfit, Chanel top, Hermes bag, Hermes sandals and Louiboutin shoes,- when I get tired in my feet I change to the sandals! Dior sunglasses 


Details on top 

Me wearing the same outfit but with the sandals 

We had a really good 3 course lunch and got to enjoy the good weather outside the food was amazing ! And so was the service! They even gave me this thing for my bag!!


Waiting when we was finished in Geneva, Francois drove me to the stables! I rode Ice first! Anneli had already made him ready when I came! 

Outfit: Armani tank top, Hermes bit belt, JEM L pants and Parlanti passion boots 

Ice Tea had trail riding today! That’s what he is not that sweaty, compared to interval training!

Rode Ice Tea a little in the big paddock after our trail ride, and Anneli came out with Alf for me! 
Simone was giving  a lesson to a student ! Look how amazing! 

Alf’i was really good today, loads of energy but relaxed 

Next one was Calla, she had forest riding also! It has come some haylige balls on her filed that she was very shocked over, but she got used to it and behaved perfect Eating on our way home😋🐴
Last one for today was Duc! He had interval training! Really good, got tired but was happy! Walking home together 

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, Geneva and the stables ”

  1. wow you are beautiful😍 And francois seems to have lost some weight, i guess youre both working hard at the gym💪🏼 love reading your blog every night before going to bed!

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