Hi guys! I get a lot of Private messenges on Instagram inbox that I just rotate on the same t-shirts and tops everyday. 

Well yes!!-that’s true! I have the clothes I have and I am happy with them! We own a washing machine so I wash them when they are dirty and then I use them again! Just because I have a blog does not mean I have to get new shirts every week! I have the once I have, they are good quality and they can stand to be washed and used a lot! 

It is my choice to have less shirts but top quality instead of 1000 of other shirts! If it irritates you or make you less inspired because I like to wear the clothes I have, I can reassure you that I will wish for some new once for Christmas! Until then I’m gonna continue to be happy and use the once I have 😉🙋🎀


  1. Har inte heller tusen träningstops eller sportkläder , och “gear” i allmänhet , beroende vilken sport jag utöver ,,
    jag har kanske 5 vanliga träningstights varav två 3/4 tights? Och när jag red hade jag kanske 3/4 ridbyxor typ när jag hade som mest? Det e vär redan bra…
    T -shirtar köper jag inte ens “technical”utan tar vanliga tshirts f löpning lr promenad har inte många heller 😄
    Konsumtion Hets eller vad💩 ☺

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  2. I totally agree with you Eva !!! I also have my favourite cliothes and l always use them , it doesn t mean l can ‘t buy others , only that they make me feel comfortable and fit me perfect !! 👍🏼😍😍

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