Tuesday and back to 🐴HORSE🏝RIVIERA 🏄‍♀️ RESORT 

Got up really early! Truck driver dresss on, although I am driving the normal car😉😂 and went back to San Giovanni The famous truck driver dress

When I got back I picked up Anneli in the stables and we went to the pool together! It’s a really hot day so it was better to wait to ride in the afternoon! 

Bikini of the day! Teznis with pinapple 🍍the pool here is BIIG! It’s a paradise 

When it was a little bit cooler I jogged to the stables and started to ride Alf’i! He was very calm! I rode light dressage in the big Grand Prix ring! Totally relaxed! Head down, no spook! Just really good! Maybe he was a little tired so I did not overdue the training today! 

Next was Calla! On the program for her it was jumping the big water! I already showed her this last year, so she walked nicely trough it!when I put some speed and wanted to jump it she for a moment pretended that she never did it before! But with some friendly convincing she did it good! 😂😂😂😂This picture! I’m grabbing the mane just in case 😂look her feat😂😂😂

Thinking about doing it

Doing it

Next was Ice Tea! And here you see my outfit! Gucci belt and bracelet, guess top, cavalleria Toscana pants! 

Relaxing dressage for him in the Grand Prix ring! 

Duc has been attacked by fly’s so his neck is covered by swollen bits! He had to move in to the Sebra blanket, and was really unhappy about it since it’s a lot warmer then my SO ZEN rug he normally use! I did not ride him because of the swollen bits on the neck, but took him for a walk up to the Grand Prix ring and gave him apples! So he has loads of positive memories from being there 😉

Now I’m going to bed 😴

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