Thursday Alf’i clear😍

Breakfast at the hotel and a run to the stables 

Ice Tea and Alf’i was jumping the 130, Ice as NR 12 and Alf as 39. Calla was jumping in the other ring with Licio! (He’s might just buy her) so me and Anneli had to make the 3 horses ready before the start of Ice Tea! 

I plaited Ice Tea while Anneli saddled Calla and brushed Alf so it would go quick to put the saddle over on Alf after Ice Teas start! The guy who had Calla want to use his own saddle so we just put the NR on the box, the bridel, breastplate and the boots on

I had a super round with Ice Tea in the 130 with one down in the jump off! He jumped great and was relaxed and calm! You guys probably think it’s strange that I just jumped him good in 145 and now I did 130? But this is to make a effort to keep the horses consistant and happy! It has to be fun to come in the ring, and I want me and the horse to get a feeling of ease, sense of achievement, without making to many efforts! 

Next one was Alf’i! He was really top and I rode good today! And we was double clear 

Alf’i and me posing with out new BFF, the nabours LaBrAdOuDL

Calla came back to the stables approximately the same time as us! She has also jumped good! But Licio said she need to be more “focused on the saddle” meaning the rider, than to focus and look at everything that happens around! 

Anneli showerd both Alf and Calla! I took care of Alf and she Calla! I feed the horses, loads of hay, carrots and also their Musli! Check out Duc, he likes the carrots better than the Musli

Ice Tea prefers to eat the Musli first! 

When this was done, I went to the pool and Anneli finished up in the stables! I asked her to come, but she wanted to relax in the truck! Duc’S class is not before 16.00 and I am 54 in the class! 

Pool time for me! Bikini of the day! Hermes, Hermes bracelet and slippers! 

Had a really good lunch at the pool restaurant I was NR 54 in the 140 that started 16.00, so I went to walk the course at 15.40, I was expected the warm up to be full of horses and riders! But NOBODY was there! I got a brief panic and was scared that the class already was finished. But then somebody told me it would start at 17.00 instead, since it was so hoooot! 😅 I was reliefed! I changed my show shirt to a normal tshirt and put on my “gold” Chanel Espadrilles since my boots are warm warm warm to walk around in, and helped out Anneli a little so when Duc was finished it would not be so much to do for her! Here me and Alf are on the evening walk 

Duc was really good! He jumped great, but was a little strong, I had two down in the end of the course, then I made a transition to walk, a circle and got a better feeling with him and me more in balance on the hind legs, and jump the rest of the 14 jumps course clear 

Calla had a evening training session with Licio! He said she is very dominant, and at this moment he is the boss, but perhaps in 30 min she is the boss again! He says he really loves her! And that’s super 😃😃😃

I cleaned the last tack, and the bling polish for tomorrow 😉💎

Finally some GELATO MANIA🍦

Outfit of the evening! ICE Cream, snicker, banana and amarena! 

Skirt and top: Chanel, Hermes sandals, Fendi bag , pink Gucci glasses 

4 thoughts on “Thursday Alf’i clear😍”

  1. Oh my god you gave me a craving for an ice cream today! Been a long time i haven’t had one also.. 🙂

    Absolutely love the spirit for coming back to a 130cm class after doing good in an 145. To motivate the horse, and for his Mental well-being
    PLease keep inpiring others for that,, far from many people think that way everytime! (I think)
    big up👌😊
    Thank you!

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