Sunday, no Grand Prix for us this week!

Started the day with Breakfast by the pool and a run to the show, just to say hello to Anneli and the horses!

I don’t jump the Grand Prix this week, cause it’s a 3* and without Picsou here we need to work more to be on that level! 

I jogged back to the hotel!

My suite:

 A closer look:

Packer up and checked out! Went back to the show to watch the Grand Prix! And at 13.00 it was my turn to jump 135 with Ice Tea first!

Had a good round with one down! He was really rideable and jumped great 

Duc was in the same class and he was also super! I was going a little against the clock, and had one down with him also! After I had the one down I slow up a little and jumped the rest of the course clear

Flat work for Alf’i today, and hand walking with the Giraffe! 

Maybe Verbier next week for Ice and Duc! Not Alf’i, the ring is insane there 😂😂😂 super small, up and down hill and VERY SPOOKY! No place me and Alf want to be!

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