Monday, shopping and some light jog for the 🐴

Verbier this week so we are home again! And me, Ice and Duc are going! 

Started the day with my cardio walk!  Beautiful morning ☀️made a friend on the train thinking about donuts  Quick shower and changed clothes, meet the Suisse Butet man, Jimmy at Starbucks in Vevey to get the reins for the stirrups for the new saddle Expresso Frappochino, Soya milk, light base (sugar free) and extra whipped cream 80calories 

On to the Genva, I really need some clothes to wear in court! 

Selfie and outfit of the dayBorrowed Francois sunglasses 

I actually walked by outside H&M and saw this one in the window, a jeans jacket! So I got it! Really soft denim! Gonna use it a lot in the stables 

When the shopping was done I went to the stables! Only light jog for the horses today after the show! 

Ice Tea first! He was really nice and relaxed! Did not feel tired from the trip! Worked him in a low shape and just jogged around without asking to much! Just that he was light in his mouth and carried himself! 

Duc waiting while I’m trotting of Ice Tea! Look what a cute picture! Anneli took it

Duc was next! He had also a light work out! Haha! Exactly the same as Ice, but had to work a little harder with him to soften up in the left side! It is very important that I stay flexible in the hand when I work Duc loose in the left side! If I become hard in the hand hand pull it, it will not make him soft! I have to focus and make the back come first and then the mouth becomes soft and he becomes easy to bend 

Last one was Alf! He tried a new bridel today and it makes him very nervous! He hates changes, so he was home again, and things was moved around since he left, a new bit was in his mouth, and it was reasons to spook and jump around A LOT! So the light jog turned out to be more work! I put the focus on getting him to work correct and relax, not on him spooking, so the spook was over quick and the work went good

Me and Alf’i and outfit of the day 

2 thoughts on “Monday, shopping and some light jog for the 🐴”

  1. Hi Eva
    First off all – amazing blog you have made! I really love to follow you and your horses.
    I have a horse, a bit like Ice tea, and I was wondering, how you know when Ice Tea is carrying himself, and when he is not? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! To explain it short and easy : It’s when you feel that the horse is active with his hindlegs and still is light in the hand! Best of luck to you 😃


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