Tuesday and Wednesday = food poisoning 

Me Tuesday morning! Happy and proud with my new jeans jacket outside home❤️

So on Tuesday we went up to Verbier and put the truck there, fixes the boxes and got a great parking spot! Since me and Francois was suppose to live in the truck together this weekend! And if you come late to Verbier you have to WALK VERY VERY VERY loooong from the truck parking to the show! And since it’s just us and no help it’s better to be close to the stables!

I had a really good chicken wrap (at least I thought so..) at the show ground before we drow down from Verbier and back to the stables in Bex! 

Me and Anneli went to the stables and I rode Duc in the forest he was really happy about getting some grass under his feet and especially the grass eating treat that came after 

I wanted to ride Ice Tea also in the woods, but he had lost a shoe so it was dressage for him! He did a lot of transitions and some collected work! 

Alf’i got also a forest ride like Duc! All this time riding I had feel funny in my tummy, but you that follows my blog knows I have problems in that area so I thought it was nothing! 

Moved on from the riding to my cardio mouintain, not even half up I got REALLY SICK, and had to go back! I could not talk because I was so sick so I just phoned Francois❤️ at FaceTime, and he saw how ill I was and came to get me! DREAM MAN I would say! 😍😍😍

So I got home,?Francois had to undress me and be up with me all nigh, I was sweating and shivering and could almost not walk while the food came out both ways. Terrible! Poor Francois❤️ that had to deal with me, I mean if I smell or see somebody else throwing up I feel sick myself(but I guess when I think about it I am able to take care of Francois if he is sick without getting sick or feeling disgusted). And you guys can imagine how bad it was since I almost could not walk to the toilet! Meanign Francois carring me to the toilet, giving me a bucket, cleaning, you name it! THANK YOU ❤️FRANCOIS❤️

Anyway, today Wednesday, still sick! Sweating, no energy! Francois gave me digiestive cookies with Chees on and also bananas and water in bed! At 15.00 I manage to get up, I was even to sick that I could not go downstairs to see the Europeans on tv, and I was sleeping all the time so watching on the iPad was even no option! So we manage to get me out of bed, in to the car and get the two horses to Verbier! And we are here now! Oh almost forgot, we had some trailer troubles on the way up, so we had to unload Ice Tea, go up with Duc, see that the trailer was a bit broken, Francois got a little truck from Simone (stable owner) and went down and got Ice Tea, and now has driven the little truck and Anneli back to bex and come back here! FRANCOIS YOU ARE AMAZING AND THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME! 

Francois took a svite at a hotel since I was sick so we have some more space since I’m not feeling well! It’s a Swiss chalet kind of hotel, since this show, Verbier is in the alps! 

I did not take loads of pictures today, and we missed the vet check so I have to do it tomorrow morning! Anyway sick so did not take loads of pics, but here is a film of me and Chambord from last year https://youtu.be/rgUfi9XkJJA

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