Thursday in Verbier

Started the morning with hotel breakfast then feeding, walking, mucking out, changing water and walking IceTea and Duc! 

After that it was vet check and then Duc’S class started!

Me and Duc had this round with one down ​

After the ride Duc had the bling hat in and the new saddle pad! 

After the start it was normal procedureS! Washing, baby powder and ice on the legs! 😂was trying to take a cute pic of Duc, but he wanted to come and smell me instead!her you go: cute picture of Duc!  Unfortunately Ice Tea hurt himself a little under the transport yesterday so he is not going to start! It’s nothing big, you can see it here 

He was a stallion until we bought him, and sometimes he has some “good plans”, and while doing his plans he Get some scratches like this! It’s not dangerous but I will speak to him again and try to find a sloution!

Our stable 

Me and Francois had a bite to eat 

Sorry for the late update, but I am watching the re run of the Europeans Championship! I think the Norwegian did well, Marit and Marie clear the first day, and rode super also today! Peder and H&M All in WOW⭐

2 thoughts on “Thursday in Verbier”

    1. Interesting yes (what Miimmi wrote).
      😂 hope a little chat with Ice Tea will help 😄
      safe and clever to wait til it gets better to start competing again👌

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