Friday and Saturday

So we ended up packing and going home from Verbier! It’s been a lot of Showjumping and some more to come so it’s important that Ice Tea heels his little wounds quickly 

We had time for some pool and sun 

Francois had a power nap 😴😍


And then the stables again! This is a smart way to bandage the horse legs when they have wounds you want to keep clean! Make a bandage of cotton wool, bandage it on the leg, then put vet wrap over

Rode dressage on Alf! We are testing some different bits, and this was what I tried today! Alf was actually really good on this bit! So I tried it today also! 

He has gotten his full alien suite on now, cause the fly’s are irritating his eyes! 

I can’t say I have much more to write, did the usual, handwalking Picsou and Jill, brushing, filling water and so on!

In the evening me and Francois❤️ watches the European Championship and I hade made a crazy good desert🍦

Today (Saturday) has been a lot about organizing for next week, washing things and riding the horses! I am so excited about seeing the individual final of the Europeans tomorrow! And on Monday I draw my give away, so I have also been writhing the email addresses of the people that participated and put them in a bowl, and will draw one winner on Monday! 🛍🎀

These two days has been relaxing I must say! Today I could sleep as long as I wanted 😃😴 and tomorrow I will try to make a blog post on how I clean tack! Cause many people asked me for that! 

3 thoughts on “Friday and Saturday”

  1. Ett tips om när dom har små sår på benen. I Sverige har vi något som heter Sorbact, de är en antibakteriell kompress typ som man lägger närmast såret innan man lindar, jättebra! Suger upp smuts o bakterier så dom inte sväller upp i benet 🙂
    Hoppas han mår finfint snart igen! 😃

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