Monday at home with my love❤️

I must just say again!! Sooooo good to wake up in my own bed next to the love of my life ❤️Francois❤️ now it’s a week more before I will be home a long time before next show!

We look at the films of the horses from last weekend! Had breakfast and then I went to take care of Jill and Picsou🐴🐴

Jill! Such a cozy nice horse! Even though she has not been ridden since October I think, she is 100% calm! 

Picsou is always outside when I come Used a long time in grooming them and washing their feed! Here’s Picsou perfect Check out this picture! He’s like! Your taking my picture? I’m ready!

my new Butet saddle  

All he saddle pads were back from washing and I put them back in the locker 

Went to get groceries and made loads of food for Francois❤️ 

Had a cozy time at home! 

Went to the gym 

And went out to eat 

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