Monday and Trucking HOME❤️ to ❤️FRANCOIS❤️

Up at 03.00 AM, Anneli had already feed the horses at 01.00, so they had eaten and was ready to go! Before we left we said “see you later Boooo!” Me and BoOo loading Alf’i! Bo loading his own equipment on his own truck 

Horses getting inside and ready to go HOME😍

The trip went super! Feeding the horses a little ower half way 

Boarder point Custom guys checking out load! And petting the horses 

Finally back in Bex with the horses😃 

Even though I had been driving long I helped Anneli pack out! She did not sleep the whole way back, and got up at 1 am to feed so I am sure she also was tired! We put the clean things back in Their place, and the dirty for washing ❤️FRANCOIS❤️ came and we went to get groceries! And after that Daniel came to check the horses! All was fine luckily ! But Picsou needs 3 more weeks! 

Duc was happy to see Daniel! Why? Because Duc is always happy of course 😍😍😍

We went home and had Taco for dinner🌮 SO AMAZING TO BE HOME WITH MY MAN

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