Started the day by running some errands with my fav car 
So little to write about the week after a 3 week show! Horses need to take it easy and then the post about what i do with then becomes boring 

Stables and Ice Tea first! Boots still shine from the show ❄️🍹Ice Tea had a quiet jog in the big paddock! He was good and did his best as always! Not strong at all today! 

Next one was longing with Duc! He had a bit of back pain after the show and should have 5 days of longing! And this is my outfit! Versace t shirt, Hermes belt, Parlanti boots, Cavalleria Toscana pants 


Last one for me today was Alf’i! He was also calm and good! Same job as Ice Tea, a light jog in all gates 

Me and Francois went to the pool! Pool outfit Chanel bikini and the new pants from Cattolica 

Pool snacks 

Me and Francois decided spontaneous that we would take a little trip and so we did! So I’m gonna take the day of from the blog tomorrow 😉 

Great hotel room

My man, HAPPY 

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