Protein pancakes for breakfast! Was way toooo long in bed this morning me and Francois❤️ 

So when I finally went to the stables it was already 14.00.. The weather was really grey at home, but good in bex!

Started with Alf’i! Armani tshirt, Hermes belt and cavalleria Toscana pants, parlanti passion and Kep ITALIA 

We rode first some dressage and went to do some forest riding after! Had ro ride dressage first to make sure he was not to fresh! He was not, he was good and concentrated! When I had ridden him loose in both sides we went out Alf’i was really happy about getting his hoofs on some grass! And galloped happily around 😃

Next was longing with Duc! He was not happy about that, really lazy! Preferes to ride!  Anneli came out with Ice Tea and we changed horses!

Check out how GRUMPY Duc is, 3 reasons, he had to longe, he sees Ice is going to get to ride, and the most hurtful, I, (Duc consider me as his girl) Duc’S own girl is giving cuddles to the stupid Ice Tea!!! (Duc thinks he is stupid bacause one time Ice Tea bite him)  

When the horses was done for the day, and had gotten their extra food I went for my cardio walk up the usual 

Followed by date night with my ❤️LOVE❤️ check out the matching outfits! 

Restaurant in the mouintain town we live 😃

Cool people that work there 

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