Tuesday with my 👑KING❤️

So Francois had loads of things to do, and I tagged along! I though it was just gonna be one thing so I was wearing my riding pants, luckily it was THE JEM L! So at least it looked like I was wearing normal Jeans with my Chanel espadrilles I did loads of waiting outside since the pants was smelly and I was not dressed like this 

So when Francois finally was finished we went to eat outside so I would not stink out the restaurant😂

Then we went take LOADS of groceries! It’s the best to get groceries together with my man❤️ not only because I adore his company, but also cause he grew up in the right time, so he always carrys the grocery and stuff!

So it was stable time! Started with Ice Tea! New trend, we are booth looking good, as yesterday! Can’t believe it 

Ice Tea was a lot better today! Much more relaxed and waiting more! I worked a lot on circles and also that I could work both left and right side while riding on the right and left 

Next was Calla! She was also really good today! Perfect from start to finish! Much more straight in the body and pushing good with both hindleg! And yes, soft as butter in the mouth😍 Good girl Giraffe 

Duc, he took some time to roll in the big pad! Afterwords he meet this one! Duc said since Ice Tea has a dog, he wanted one of these little “things”, so he would get LOADS of kisses every day 


Last horse for me to ride was Alf’i! Since he did not work today he was a bit tense, and loads of things going around the paddock was a bit confusing for him! After a while I could get him to relax and actually work with him! Even though he has a day like this I try my best to work what was planed anyway! And most important: NEVER EVER EVER GET ANGRY WITH THE HORSE! If you have a problem, just get more concentrated 

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