Thursday and sightseeing 

Started the morning with Cross fit! I told my trainer that to stand in the plank with my arms straight made my wrist hurt, and I have had chronic tendon inflammation in both before, so I asked to plank on the elbow instead, and that was fine! I also said no jumping so my knees will remain well. But then the lesson was soooo boooring, and not hard. I’m thinking I can train myself better.. we only did a couple of movements with a elastic band. And the plank.. I know so many great belly excersises that I see on Instagram. And we did non.. would it be to rude to ask a refund of my money and quit? Got this creepy note on my car when I got out from the cross fit

Stables time! As I arrived I meet these two out walking! I had Alf first! He was a bit tense today so I had to work on getting him loose! Rode a lot on big circles forward to and over bend him to the inside! Got a lot better! Good boy Alf

Next was Ice Tea! He was a bit tired for the ride yesterday, he had 15 min walk and after some light and loosening up Trott and Galopp

AAAaaand we are back to goofy pics again! 😂😂😂🙋🐴😂😂😂 

Calla was really tired today! We were out a long time, so I only walked her in the forest today! She had her neck long and down and was a very good and quiet girl! 

The riding was done,- Geneviev and Lorinda came to pick me up and i showed them around Geneva! Espadrilles on since we did loads of walking

Had a WONDERFUL LUNCH at Patara! A Thai restaurant Francois takes me to as often we have time! He had to work today and could not join girls day

When we all got home, Geneviev and her mother made dinner and  me and  ❤️Francois went to the Gym Lorinda and Geneviev made a really good salad and pasta with pesto! Thank you 

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