ICE❄️TEA🍹 part two

Showing with Eva! 😍

So the time finally came when I was going to a big show in San Giovanni! 

I had already been to Arezzo, but somehow I was to good to compete there! I was only training so I could compete when we reached a higher level! Duc was not even there! I was in Arezzo with Chambord, Picsou, and Calla! For some reason Chambord and Picsou does not talk to me, but it does not matter! The big mouth Duc told me I did not compete in Arezzo cause I was not ready, that’s just bull shit! 

Anyway! I went with Picsou, Chambord, Calla, Duc, Jill and myself to San Giovanni! I am so good that I did the Grand Prix qualifier the first day! And I had only one down! One down cause Eva was trying to calm me down! It was a line of 7 strides and I thought it should be done on 3 strides. She distracted me so much that I unfortunately had one pole! 

But the next day I was clear! And I could not wait to jump the Grand Prix on Sunday! After all I did so good in the qualifiers! 

Sunday came and I was waiting in my box to get plaits and be beautiful for the Grand Prix. To my huge disappointment they brought out Picsou instead, and my little rider rode him in to a 5 place. Can’t she understand??? If she rode me we would have won! 

I had had enough! It’s was no more me listening to her! I had to take matters in to my own hand! And so I did! For the last week I run as quick as I could, if she tried to hold me back I just did tricks on her, as 

  1. Taking my head down
  2. Making myself really long 
  3. Leaning all my power and the wight of my head on the bit
  4. Doing air jumps if she would insist to hold me back 
  5. Shaking my head constantly if she tried a sharper bit 

So with all these she pretty much gave up! And I had won this show! I had maybe not won a price at the show, – but I had showed her what I think about doing the shit job as qualifying and then not getting the chance to catch the big price in the Grand Prix 

Duc later told me that we all have a purpose in the team.  (Alf is not mentioned because we had not got him jet) 

Chambord is the high Jumper, he earns money and fame for the team with jumping up to 2m10cm with Eva! He is a slow horse so we can’t use him for speed but he can go Grand Prix if we need him! He can also step in and do Grand Prix qualifiers 


Siam is for speed 

Duc told me he is for speed and Grand Prix! But not high jumping 

Picsou is for Grand Prix but can also do speed and 6 bars 

That Jill should be a Grand Prix horse and Calla also in the future

And that my job was to slowly slowly be for Grand Prix and high jumping. I did not understand, why not speed? 
Duc said that I have a lot of qualities, I have more scoop than both him and Picsou, not as much as Chambord but still I am very powerful. My biggest problem is that I am not so rideable and have my own opinions. That I get hot. And that’s why Duc doesn’t think I can do speed classes! Cause I get to hot and then I get flat and Eva can’t hold me anymore. 

All these is false, why hold me at all! Let me run to big jumps and WINN EVERYTING!!!

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