Sunday and jumping 

Feeling a little better today, but not much! I think it has something to do with the weather being hot and cold all the time! 

Jumping as usual on Sunday’s! 

First was Alf’i The training today was with two combinations, one oxer two strides vertical and a vertical, vertical double. And also the gymnastic line that would be jumped two times in the course! A total of 32 efforts in the course! So it was a training where we did not jump so high but trained the stamina and concentration a lot! Alf was great 

Next was Ice Tea! The course had what is a challenge for me and him, a jump with a given distance to a double 3 times! But I have to say it went very good

Duc had dressage today also! He was very calm and soft in both sides

Calla was also super!

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