Monday and Jumping 

CHECK OUT THE BORDEAUX JEM RIDING PANTS!!! What do you think?? Really excited to hear your thoughts! So today was jumping and I started with Calla!

On the program today was jumping a 3 combination! And jumping similar, vertical, vertical oxer! First on the line with some poles to help me keep the horse straight and to get the horse to gymnastic himself better! 

Calla was doing a great job! Really relaxed and calm! Happy with her!

Next one was Alf’i I feel I have made some progress in the flat work because I could really easy regulate him today! He jumped great! Niki and Alf’i on their way back to the stables! Me and Duc did not jump today! We are going to the show in Italy this week and I am trusting Duc that even though we have not jumped at home in a long time is going to go well! Duc needed a rest after Verbier, so I though jumping him today would be to much. Cause then it would have been jumpin 4 days this week Last one for me to jump today was Ice Tea! I have to say he is getting better and better every time! I can now jump him in the Gag with two reins! And he is not even pulling me. This I have to thank Niki for! Ice Tea has finally meet his match! She can really hold him in all situations so when I am going to jump he does not even try to run off with me! Worked him a long time in dressage after, because when he have jumped he get quite hot. So I worked him until he was 100% relaxed! 

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