Tuesday and packing

Started the day by riding dressage on Alf’i! Wanted to make sure he was loose in his body after the jumping yesterday! My outfit, Louis Vuitton t-shirt, bracelet and belt, Cavalleria Toscana pants, parlanti boots and KEP ITALIA helmet Alf’i was so good so I went on a trail ride instead! Duc and Niki came with us for a while! And when I was finished with Alf’i, she took Alf’i home and I rode Duc! Duc was so happy to be out again! He really loves it! He was perfect today! Not strong but soft and waited if I wanted him to wait and run fast when I said that was okey! 

Me and Ice Tea had dressage! Little longer today, needs him to be able to stretch out but still carry himself and not taking more speed! Here you see Niki giving carrots to Ice Tea after a great trainig! 

Then it was packing for the show on the schedual! We also made the horses ready with he bandages and back on track on. So we can just load them tonight! Me putting the back on track on Alf’i! 

Me and Niki are going everyting we can to keep Ice Tea safe incase he will kick in the truck tomorrow 

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