Wednesday and heading for Italy 

Woke up early, me and La Nic Nic Nic loaded the horses and headed for Italy! 

Trine my BFF gave me this one, saved it for the trip! SOO GOOD NORWEGIAN CHOCOLAT!

At the Italian custom when we were waiting Ice Tea started to kick a lot again! Can not understand it. He has a big place alone, last place on the truck and a space to Duc,

He luckily calmed down but he hurt himself again. Poor boy! 

When we arrived we had a lot to do, luckily Ice Tea did not get any deep wounds. He had lost his hind shoes, really great service of the show blacksmiths

Dinner in the stables!

Rode Alf and Duc a little bit and Niki walked Ice Tea one hour! 

Here is me and Alf’i doing a pose in front of the Kep commercial 

Tired, bedtime now

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