Thursday in Italy

The show started today. But I am not jumping before tomorrow! Today is only a 140 class and Duc has not jumped nothing since his holiday, so I prefer to ride both Duc and Alf’i in 135 tomorrow! 

Yes and Ice is pretty smashed after he was so anxious on the truck 

Started the day with some flatwork with Alf’i!

Worked a lot with him to get him low and loose! Trott perfect as always! Canter also good I must say! Feeling confident for tomorrow! He feels really good anyway! 

On my way back to the stables me and Alf’i meet Duc and Niki on their way to the vet check! Me and Afi and my outfit! My JEM pants in navy 

I took the tack of Alf’i and when Duc came back from the vet check we just put the tack over on him since he was already brushed! Duc was really good today! Loose in both side, waiting and going forward! Made some translation just to check for the class tomorrow, rode him straight and then forward on a small circle to prepair for possible turns in the speed class tomorrow!

Ice Tea was walked and longed a bit! Walked a lot!! He passed the vet check but I’m not going to jump him tomorrow since I don’t think he is 100% good! Poor boy! 

After that we went to get groceries, and I found my favorite cookies!!! These I used to eat in Danmark before, sooo good!!!

We also went for some shopping 

Gucci hoodie dress and bag, Chanel espadrilles. Haha! This is gonna be my new truck driver dress! But it can go to town also! 

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