Friday and ribbon for 🐴Alf’i 😍

Started the morning with a morning jog saw this cool parked as I run by followed by some morning riding with Alf’i! 

Loads of people was longing, but I manage to navigate safe around and got to do a good work on Alf’i anyway! He was really relaxed when I was finished! Niki also came to longe Ice Tea so we could see who his status is today, he was a lot better! 

Then it was time for us and the horses to eat! Alf’i got one time ice after his flat work! 

I jumped Duc first in the class and he was super! Fast and really good! We had one down coming out of a double! But he was super! Niki and Duc waiting for me while I have walked the course! Love the rug I made myself! 

Before it was my turn to go with Alf’i I had time to see my friend Geneviev and her horse do a clear round! Here they are happy with their trainer!  

Then it was time for me and Alf’i! We had a good clear round that got us a ribbon! 

Check this picture! Even did some turns with Alf today jumped GREAT

I also did some light flat work on Ice Tea in the afternoon! He felt good and I am going to jump him in the 135 tomorrow! Btw pay attention to the unicorn on Ice Tea’s fly bonnet In the evening me and Niki did not feel like going out so we had some Mc Donald’s in the truck! Niki went to sleep before me, and since we are starting very early tomorrow I made her a breakfast sandwich and put it on the door with a Coca Cola, that she hopefully will see when she wakes up and goes to the stables 

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