ICE❄️TEA🍹 part 3

Some time had passed and I had started to reach a agreement with Eva! 

We were loaded on the truck, first Calla, then Alf, Duc and a space then me! 

When we are on the truck I have a space so I don’t have to touch the other horses, or smell them. You know, since I am much more expensive then they are and better then them also! 

So we did not talk much under the trip, but I heard them talking with each other. Not clear, cause of the space betweeen us and the noise the truck make!

When we finally came to San Giovanni a year since last time I was the first to get off the truck and I got to choose my stal myself! Start status!!

When the rest of my string of horses was placed in the boxes Duc started talking to me again! 

He went like

Ice Tea, the whole team thinks you have made a lot of progress, you are also more comparative with Eva. And as you can see, Chambord has left out team and Picsou had to stay home because of a injury. Myself is not in my peak shape so you have to do the job of Picsou and Chambord! Meaning me and Alf will help you qualify for the Grand Prix, but you will do the Grand Prix and the highjumping 6 bar!


So it started! Me and Duc did the Grand Prix qualifier the first day, and the second day Alf and Duc did it for me! It was chill! 

In the Grand Prix of the first week Alf and me Jumped it! Alf had one down and I had two down! The team was happy with the performances of me and Alf, and Duc told me that the week that was coming would be more difficult and then Eva was going to ride just me in the Grand Prix since she knows me better than Alf. He also said , Alf has more quality but you are like a bull, you just do it. 

Me a bull? Alf more quality than me? FIRST OF ALL I AM A UNICORN!!!! And Alf is some kind of Alien! I mean just see how alike they are! Alf and Alf! I mean, Alf even gets bitten by his own mascot, and you call that a good horse?Can you see how many unicorns I have? I mean, only a champ has that many!! I never saw a horse with so many before! Meaning I am the TOP TOP TOP💖

Next week came and non of us got to do the Grand Prix! 

But to my great surprise the 3 week I was tacked up for the Grand Prix!!! And I did really well! 

I tripped one time after the wall, and Eva jumped with me over the wall with only one rein! I had a couple of poles in the end of the course, only because I saw we were in risk of getting time faults, and I started to speed up. Eva in the other hand was holding me. And it distracted me so much I had two poles! If she would have let me take 3 steps where it should be 5 I would have been easy clear ​

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