Wednesday, practicing “6 bar” with ICE❄️TEA🍹

Started the day with my cardio mountain! Nike tennis skirt! It is a warm

Day ..!

Me and Niki started with fixing the jumps, cause I wanted to practice “6 bar” with Calla and Ice Tea! 

When that was done I started to ride Duc! Light dressage for him today sice he got so tired yesterday! He was super 

Next was Calla! She was also good! This is the second time I do this exercise with her, but It was hard still for her to be “together” and collected trough the line, but she did her best, and did not have any poles down! She just need time to get stronger in her body After her i went for a walk outside with Alf’i! Also tested some other saddles!

When I was back with Alf, Ice Tea was ready and I went to warm up! Niki took care of Alf’i and came out to help me with the jumps after! 

It took some try’s this time also before Ice found out a little how it was again! And when he did, he did really good! I remember this exercise with Chambord! He really understood the “game” 6 bar, and could do it very easy! Chambord is build  very uphill , and that’s perfect for this competition! Although Ice Tea needed some try’s to be perfect he made it! And actually on the highest jump he was clear straight away!  

When the stables was finished me and Niki went to Starbucks, when we got back I walked with Duc and let him eat grass

Ice Vibe! Perfect for grass eating! 

When we got home it was the normal, gym😍🏃‍♀️🏃💑

And I made a REALLY good dinner for Francois tonight! 

5 thoughts on “Wednesday, practicing “6 bar” with ICE❄️TEA🍹”

  1. Hello, Eva! I am reading your blog for some time now and I never see your horses outside except you riding or like in this post letting them graze when walking. Why so? Wouldn’t they be much happier and also better athletes if they could go out and live a little? Graze with friends like normal horses do. I don’t mean to offend you in any way, I think that you are extremely hard working and amazing person, but I have to say that the lifestyle your horses have makes me sad and even… cringe a little. I would never do anything like that to my horses.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Guess I haven’t been following you long enough, I’ve only seen them in those tiny “paddocks” with no grass next to the stable. 😀
        Glad to hear that they are also enjoying themselves in fields. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. True, I also wonder!. About the paddocks (other than Stable paddocks).
    that is for sure really good that they can walk out from the boxes, but run or play and eat grass , you don’t have any grass fields there?

    As the person before i think you are an amazing person and really love your hirses so its not a “hating” comment just a wondering i got earlier aswell.

    Keep on rocking!

    Liked by 1 person

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