Saturday and transport training with Ice Tea! 

Woke up early this Saturday because Mandy, the big boss groom, or X groom of Pius Schwizer was coming to help me overcome Ice Tea sudden fear of transporting!

Before the transport trainig Niki took Ice for a forest ride while I was walking around with Picsou💖

So you guys that have been following me for a while on Instagram and the blog knows that Ice Tea has started to panick on the transport! He kick so much that he completely destroys the trailer and the truck. And worst of all, he dangers himself and get hurt! The panic started when he had to travel a short distance on a old truck where the back ramp opend while driving. After that he has started to panic! I bandage his legs with cotton wool, and vetwrap just to be sure he would not get hurt if any kicking would accrue! 

Mandy had a theory that he might be afraid of the changing lights while driving so we taped the front window dark and put the  kick pad in front of the back window! 

He also got straw instead of shavings in his transport place, to make it more like home! So the transport place would feel safe as his box. I have to say BLESS! Everyting is fine and it went great! On Monday we are going to try to do it with another horse together with Ice on the transport! But how it looks like today, the problem is solved! I really hope it is! We are going to find another solution for the window, because when it gets hot in the truck with a lot of horses inside the tape might fall down! I will post the solution when I have it!

Then Alf’i, I was thinking he would be extreamly fresh and spooky cause of the days with only longe and hand walking. But he was very calm, soft and focused! 
Went to the airport to get the guys!

When we got back I had some dressage with Duc and Stella rode the Giraffe Jumper had dinner out with them and Francois in the evening My beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring, BRAVE man 😍❤️

Haha! My big amusement for the moment, feeding the Shetland gang with carrots! 

4 thoughts on “Saturday and transport training with Ice Tea! ”

  1. Maybe yes, the problem was the lights coming up suddenly as you say!
    As it will occur when the backdoor opened, maybe he relates the sudden daylight with the opening backdoor = scary…. if that makes sense? I do understand his fear indeed ♡

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