Wednesday, riding and more Geneva 

Loads of paperwork with ❤️Francois in the morning, so no cardio! 

When we finished the paperwork I went straight to the stables, where Niki and Duc was ready for me! 

Duc had dressage today! 

I had with me a BIG bag of carrots that Duc was delighted to find when we got to the big paddock! I guess my horses think that the carrots live in the big paddock! Rein hanging down on picture! Big danger alert! Horse can step on it! I hangbit back up before something happened!

He had a day off yesterday so today was more of a riding loose and back to the basic kind of day 

Niki came out with Ice Tea and I gave them some carrots before I started to ride Ice! My outfit, JEM pants in Navy, gucci long sleeve t-shirt, gucci belt, Kep helmet and Parlanti passion boots 

Ice Tea is really soft in his mouth for the moment! I only have to hold the snaffle rein, and we need to practice a lot of him responding to my request the same every time. Because when you jump and you ask the horse to wait for you and he sometimes responds a little and other times respond to much it can be difficult holding a even rhythm! So I jump a course with poles to practice that

Niki came out with Alf’i and we changed the horses! Love this picture of me sitting on Alf and Niki giving carrots to Ice Tea that is loose and Alf’i with me on! 

With Alf’i today I trained toregulate the gallop between two poles! 21 m and I rode 4,5,6 and 7 strides in between! He was great!

Tomorrow we are going to have a photo shoot with the pants, so I had to go to Geneva and Pick up some thing!

Me in Geneva with my JEM navy ridingpants, hogan shoes! No I was not embarrassed to go in to Dior like this, and stinking horse! People there are nice! 

Beautiful weather in Geneva

1 thought on “Wednesday, riding and more Geneva ”

  1. So nice you’re still the girl next door!
    Going to the shop in riding socks. I like it, because I do it also al the time 😜


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