Thursday, CT scan for Picsou

Today at 09.00 Picsou had his CT SCANN! Here’s the clinic! 

He lived in the stables with the radioactive sign! Here is the CT scann machine! They have to put the horse complete under narcos before the examination starts! 

While Picsou was on the clinic me and Niki woke up at the hotel at 09.10 and went for breakfast! After that we went to try some horses! No guests was allowed to participate at the exam of Picsou, and since we reached Belgium in the night we needed some sleep also! 

Anyway! Tried loads of different horses, some I liked a bit and some I did not like at all! 

This one and me had the perfect chemistry, but there was something with the vet check I must talk to Daniel and Francois about! The owner was totally honest about it, so big plus for that⭐

After riding the whole morning it was well do for some Pizza Hut! Love Pizza Hut, and Peppes Pizza! 

Then it was time to pick up 💖Picsou💖I put the back on track on him and made him ready for the transport, Niki made the trailer ready!

We both took turns driving home! 

Also got these really good milks snow balls to make the trip more fun 

We ofcourse stopped many times to give Picsou food and waterin the middle of the night, Swiss customs with Picsous Passport and ATA carnet

We got safe home and it was a blessing to go in my own bed with Francois, and get some super sleep. 

Almost forgot! Janne is doing a awesome job taking care of the guys at home 

7 thoughts on “Thursday, CT scan for Picsou”

  1. So funny to see the clinic on your photo’s 😁it’s only 5 minutes driving from my house.
    But Equitom is the only clinic in Europe with a CT scan.
    That’s good news for Piscou!!!

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