Monday and HOME❤️ with my ❤️LOVE❤️FRANCOIS❤️

Without telling my King one word I took the plane home to surprise him this morning! 

Winter jacket on, cause it can be cold in Suisse now 
Breakfast at Starbucks at the airport Also made a quick stop in Lausanne to get Francois his favorite chocolate! And got some Frappochino refill for the train ride home! BTW, please tell me how so many people can go with a space between their pants and their socks/shoes now in winter? I bought extra long socks to not get cold, to stay warm on the little places between the shoes/socks and the pants!

Francois was really happy to see me😍we staid home and had a cozy time! Dinner at home, yes and we went to the gym 

Back in Spain, this morning before they went home Niki rode Ice Tea on the beach, Alf and Duc had a day off, with walking 3 times!

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