Started my day with Niki, that took some pictures of me in the JEM L pants, that will be send to Jesica in Sweden and made as product pictures! So that was like 08.15, after that I started to ride! 

You that follow me on Instagram knows already that I wanted to ride outside and do intervals but it was raining A LOT! So dressage inside!

Ice Tea first today! Here’s my outfit!

Ice Tea and me continued to work where we finished off yesterday! Could not ride over any poles since it was riding school inside at the same time, but had the same focus! 

Next one was Alf’i! He was top in the beginning, but then the groups of the riding school changed and the next group had this things, so when they were build up Alf’i was a bit shocked, and was tense for about 15 min, before he relaxed again! 

Then Duc! He was really light in the mouth, focused, soft, really nice today! I also did this 

The Giraffe time, did a lot of transition with focus on her shape and activity of the hindlegs! Went really good 

Now when the temperature is down I also excersise ride Jill a little bit! I don’t push her, just like 10min walk and Trott, a little gallop also, only if she feels like she’s up for it

Before I went to the store to get berries for cakes and last party supplies I had some Picsou cuddles 

Told you that it was raining, but Duc kept being outside, so I have to put a rain rug over his cooling rugs Picsou 😍

I for the first time in my life made lasagna! And it was a HUGE SUCCESS!  

The people for the party came 18.30! We had a starter first 

Me and my 👑KING❤️FRANCOIS❤️

My outfit! Vintage Dior 

Niki came and she looked beautiful 


After dinner a surprise, ding dong on the door bell! I had hired some musicians to come and play for ❤️Francois! He was very surprised and happy! 

And cake for dessert! The party was a success and everybody had a good time! ❤️Francois was very very happy with the musicians! They played great! 

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