Thursday and thoughten up! 

My breakfast this morning After eating I made some yogurt for Niki and went to the stables First was clear round with Alf’i! Sadly I got kicked by another horse in the warm up, and got pain in my right leg. I still jumped Alf in the clear round and he was good! But I just could not have so much leg on so we jumped really really low 

Right after jumping Alf’i it was time to walk the course and jump Duc in 140! Did not really have time to sit down and I think that was good! me and Duc had a good round but one down! My right leg pushes itself out of the boot just before the jump we had down, it is so swollen Duc getting carrots after jumpingAfter Duc I had some time to chill, took some pain killers and sat down to watch the 140 on grass that I was going to jump with Ice Tea! I also put  one old riding boot on my right leg that is bigger than my normal once, so he boot would stay closed in the course 

After sitting down I could hardly walk, and getting on Ice Tea was difficult. But I got on, and I did the course with two downAfter that I helped feed the horses lunch And went to the truck to ice my leg Went to say good night to the horses in the evening! With BFF

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