Saturday and LR jump off class for Alf’i 

Woke up and had my breakfast in the truck and brought with me this for Niki in the stables! First up today was Ice Tea in 135, as I said we are changing the riding a lot so actually both me and Ice Tea are a bit confused.. we had two down and a circle in today’s class. Since both me, Ice Tea and Sylve (my trainer) wanted to finish up in a better way we went back to the warm up, did some jumpsAnd went to the clear  round ring! I had a good round there, but the place is a lot smaller than the competition rings so the “challenge” for me and Ice Tea does not really appear! The problem is to hold him together in the bow on the loooong distances! Jumping big jumps slow in circles is not a problem for us! So me and Sylve talked and we have to find a solution and a place to train this! When Ice Tea was done I had some free time that I used to morning ride Alf! I always morning ride him if his class is in the afternoon! To check that he is relaxed and are responding to my signals We rode in the flat work area by the stables 

Next up was Duc! Me and him jumped the Silver GP! He was really good today, in a looong course! Had the two last down, but Sylve was happy about my riding and that’s important to! Duc always does his best when he is in shape! Since he had a off period after Italy this summer he has not had that time to really train hard core physical training like Ice Tea and Alf have had! They even comes out of the ring almost without braking a sweat! 

Then it was lunch time for the chestnuts! And carrrot time Ice Tea chilling in his box with his hay and carrots, rug made by me, and Ice on his legs

Duc just had his shower after jumping and are watching Alf’i eat his musli

I also had some lunch before I walked the 145 course of Alf’i! Always a long corse when it is a jump off, meaning you first jump around 14-17 jumps and if you are clear you come back for a jump off! Alf’i was amazing! We had one down but I am so happy about the round! 

W and N chilling after the classes 

In the evening I went to eat with my BFF her boyfriend  and W! 

Both of us wearing JEM L at Hollywood again! Not only do I love what’s on the menu but I also love the colors of it, and that you get drink as much Pepsi as you want everybody was happy about their foot 3 courses today also, haha, the desert! Jammy

Before we headed home we stopped quickly at the mall and I got some supplies for the trip homeAnd said good night to the chestnut boys 

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