Monday and heading home❤️ to my love❤️

Woke up at 01.00 jumped in my clothes, woke up Niki, and went to get the horses from their boxes! I parked the truck right outside the stables so the loading would go as quick as possible! And that Duc who is the last one to go in would not have to wait to long alone inside the stables Breakfast-Truck ready with haynets, haybrix that have been soked in water + carrots Alf’i and Duc was sleeping when we came in to the stables Niki took Ice Tea first in, and I took Alf as second!And then we started to drive! It was a really beautiful moon, butloads of wind, was driving 50km a hour for a big part of the trip. Better to be safe Talked for hours with ❤️Francois on the phone! Trips goes quicker when you have your love on the phone I have a thing that if we are not tired  or there is something with the horses, we don’t stop before we have to tank the truck. So it’s a looot of driving! I go to the toilet in the truck when I stop at those high way custom ticket thing, I just run back😂😂😂😂The horses traveld really well although the wind was really strong! It was quite cold outside, but luckily we had predicted colder weather and had the perfect rugs on the horses so they were not hot or cold! Just perfect!

Me when I think about ❤️Francois Horses got feed and water on the trip as usual when it was time to tank and I was finally going to get some food it was no Mc Donald’s.. and I had been dreaming about it! I got these instead at a tank station, one was filled with mustard, uuuuush! Could not eat it French and Suisse custom went smooth and fast, and before we know it we were home! Me and Niki took out the horses and brought them straight to the place where you put rugs and bandages for the cleaning lady to wash it. So we took the rugs of there so they can be cleaned when the horses came to the boxes they got water proofed winter rugs oni moved the hay down to the water cups so the horses could dip the hay and get more fluid in themselfs if they wanted!  ❤️Francois❤️ came to pick me up and it was amazing to see him! 

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