🐴ICE❄️TEA🍹getting his own BFF

So the time came when Niki started to work for us! Niki is stronger than the girls I have had before and from the moment I saw her I thought, she can ride Ice Tea!  Well I let Ice Tea explain:

So a new girl came, it was chill, I have my usual trix I do on my grooms! For example, Eva is the only one I let clip on my legs without taking some “chill pills”  I know excactly how to scare them without hurting them badly! So when this new girl called Niki came I was prepaird to scare her with my usual trix! But something strange happened, when she was going to clip me, she did not try to mix some chill pills in my food, and no Daniel Weiss came to drug me. She just took me.

I did my usual stunt.. but she said hardly NO, and kept clipping me like I had done noting. Really shocking for me, before I knew it and had time to come up with new ways to scare her, I was clipped finished. So I guess we can say she won round NR1

BUT when I discoverd that she was going to take me on a trail ride I instantly planed to run off with her, maybe run to the big mais corn filed, maybe run on the concrete so she will be really really afraid, and hopefully jump off me in speed! MOHAHAHA! I WAS FOR SURE GETTING MY REVENGE OVER THE CLIPPING THING!!Eva took me and Niki for a short lesson in the big paddock before we was going in the forest! Eva tried to warn her what I might do, and what she could do and how to controll me! But it was BS! I had a normal snaffle in my mouth and new girl was going down 😂😂😂

So we went out! Eva rode Alf first and I was following with Niki on my back! I already had putted the wight of my head on the bit, and it did not go long before I passed Alf! I was in the lead, the rode was open for me to take full super speed and loose her! MOHAHAHAHAAAA😂

But then something terrible happened, she pulled my head up and losend up on the reins, and I had to carry my own head.. I got so confused that I tripped. How was I suppose to run off with her if she did not manicly pull on my mouth?

She even make me do loads of transitions and stand still if I tried to play trix on her like jumping up and down refusing to walk.

Very confusing for me!

By the time we got back to the stables, both me and her was wet from sweat. And when she took her jacket off I saw that she had a unicorn t-shirt! She was obviously born to be my boss! You guys know I am the ultimate unicorn and she is my unicorn dictator! WOW!

To be continued

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