Quick update from CHI GENÈVE

The show is absolutely beautiful !

We are invited so we sit together with the ridersThe first class we saw was a 150 class two phases against the clock! Bucci won with a great round on Heartbreaker v. Achterhoe!

We went to look around a little before the 155 GP qualifier started! And we eat a little at the show! Francois had some Chinese food, I just had French fries, and a cheese cake!

Personal favorite: Hermes Ryan! Francois actually owned the grandfather of Ryan

Peder Fredricson was also clear with Carat Desire!

The winner was Kent Farrington! Incredible jump off!

Here’s my outfit for the show:

JEM black riding breeches, Chanel boots, Dior blazer, belt and bag!

1000K likes for Black JEM ridingbreeches! Tell me what do you think of them?

3 thoughts on “Quick update from CHI GENÈVE”

  1. OMG! I LOVE FRANCOIS SO MUCH! My life goal is to have a husband like him! I want more pictures of him on Insta and the blog!!!!!!!!!!! He seems so funny! MOOOORE!!!!!!!!!! Would be so nice if he could blog here, or a live stream with him!!!!!!!!!!!! Francois ME AND MY FRIENDS LOVE YOU

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