Saturday and CHI GENÈVE

Woke up at 05.00 with a lot of pain in the foot I was kicked in. Francois got me a pillow and I manage to go back to sleep one hour more

Hotel breakfast with Francois! He went in his joggers and a long sleeved t-shirt from Ralph Lauren! Me, Gucci dress, my custom made Christian Louboutin shoes, Chanel bag and earrings!

Afterwords it was the stables! YEAH, I drove from the show in Geneva to go to ride! Started with dressage on The Giraffe! And here’s my outfit! JEM navy pants, Kingsland sweater, Hermes belt, Parlanti Passion riding boots and Kep Italia riding helmet! Calla was good today also! So good that I said to Niki to get on and feel when she came out with Alf to me! <
Me and Alf’i left Niki and Calla in the big paddock heading out for a looong trailride After being at the show it’s so good for the horses to go out! Alf’i was a little spooky but listen well, and was really happy about being outside galloping!

I went in the forest with Duc also! I really need to work a lot on his stamina this winter! He needs more muscle and more lung capacity! He was all sweat from 1/3 of the job Alf’i did. And I also felt it at the show, when Duc feels himself he is really fighting for me and does special efforts to be clear! I love him so much and since he needed a little time off after the summer shows I was not able to get him on his best shape! On our way home I opened the birdle like this so he more easily could eat the carrots 😍 On out way back I took this picture of the awesome trotting horses that lives here also! They have even won in Paris! They have some special rugs, almost like a trench coat in the material..  wonder if they are better than the rugs we use? They never get wet no matter how much it rains  Btw a hot and I am meaning warm fashion tips is to put a little scarf inside your pullover like this:It looks cute and keeps you extra warm around your troth!

Daddy, daddy cool! If you are reading this, I am checking the post if the 🎅🏻SantaClaus from Narvik have send me some Norwegian Christmas favorites😉😇When I got back to Geneva the first jumping class was already finished, and the next one was not before tonight so I asked ❤️Francois what he wanted to do?

So we went shopping in Geneva! I am almost finished with my Christmas presents, ❤️Francois started today!

The weather was really on top! Not to cold but still so you could feel it a little in your cheeks! Francois went straight for Cartier! We meet with our sales agent S, and sat down, the Cartier staff came at the same time and offered us some pastries! And warm towels for our hands! I off course also got a Coke Zero I tried a lot of things so ❤️Francois could see what size I needed and also what suited me! What he did choose for my 🎅🏻🎄🎁Christmas present I don’t know, because I had to go for a walk in the store while he made his selection! While I was looking around m they took this picture of me😂 I’m wearing my Versace coat, I actually think that red looks good with the 🎄Afterwords we were invited to dine for free in the Cartier Christmas Tea room! The world NR 1 in pastries was there, Christophe Michalak! I mean, LOOK! After that we went a quick stop to Bongenie! It’s a amazing! Like a mall, shop, with all the brands in one house! We picked up some pieces! Don’t think I have to wait for Christmas to get them! Francois was really happy with today’s shopping! To make a great collection for your taste and style,- of ready to wear from the big fashion houses takes time, so to find 3 pieces like this at once is not always easy! before the TOP 10 final we went to dinner! I put on my Saturday night outfit! This black Armani dress is one of the first pieces ❤️Francois bought for me the 🎀 on the shoes Details on the dress Dinner The to the Palexbo and watch the top 10 final! Really exciting and inspiring to see Kevin Staut Peder Fredricson

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