Wednesday and 🎂NIKI’S🎂BIRTHDAY🎁💖⭐

Hahahhaaa! Woke up early, had already tricked Niki that I was coming to ride at 08.30, but left home before 7 and started to live stream it on Instagram!! Wanted to surprise her by taking her to Starbucks for some birthday cake!

She joined the live stream and was like where is she going? She’s not gonna ride now…?🤔

So she was partly dressed when I came since she knew I was live! We went in the car and headed for Starbucks! Where she got presents and all the cake she could possibly eat! 🎂

After that we went to make some banners/advertisement/roll up for the pants! They will look like this when they are ready: So each style has one pull up each! JEM L, JEM, and JEM ONE SEEM

Then time for some riding! It has come so much snow here that the horses can’t go outside! it’s going to be cleaned so the horses can go out!

But for now they are inside and we have to ride inside also! Started with taking Ice Tea and Duc together! Ice Tea needs a lot of galloping to be able to maintain his very good physical condition, and Duc is building up his condition! So while I ride Duc, Niki is exercising Ice Tea! When I’m finished with Duc we change, and Niki takes Duc to the stable! With Duc I work a lot with his balance and his strength in the canter! That me and him are “sitting” on his hindlegs, and that he is soft in his mouth! Then me and Ice Tea! Hers my outfit! My new Saint Lauren crystal pullover! JEM ONE SEEM black/pink riding pants, Hermes belt, KEP ITALIA and UggsIce Tea needs to learn to take big powerful strides in balance, shorten up is easy now! But really galloping from behind carry himself and being light in the hand is the big winter job! Haha, am I writing about it everyday? Was good to ride inside so I could look in the mirror! Because then I can see if he really is straight at the same time! Puh😅Next one was Alf’i! He had a bit harder training today, really had to activate his canter and make sure he was pushing from behind! And that, me being “on” him makes him a bit stressed, so then i ride him some rounds without any pressure and then more activity again!

This is me so funny, while me and Niki are changing horses So next for me was Picsou! Such a cute picture of Niki and Pic Slowly starting up Picsou again! Mostly walk but some Trott! He wants to Trott all the time! This is when I stop and he see Niki with the carrot bag 😂Horses snuggled in with cooling rugs and ice on the legs after training! Jill, such a sweet horse Since its Niki’s birthday and she loves to ride Calla, the Giraffe Jumper, she rode her today! I went home and picked up ❤️Francois because we had to go to Ikea to buy some stuff for my big sale this Sunday! As you see on the picture I took the Saint Lauren sweater also for this! Cavalli skirt, Chanel boots!

We went also by the car dealer ship! The two together!

Then Ikea! We of course also had the Swedish meat balls!Got all the stuff we needed! If you are suisse! Or live near by, come to bex, on Sunday! It’s a Christmas show and a big sale of new and used equipment!

MY 👑KING❤️Now I am going out for a run in the area where we live!

Wanted to share this picture my friend Shirley in Danmark send me from from when she’s putting out Classica La Silla and Doctor Classic FE LOADS OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NIKI! YOU ARE A SUPER GIRL💖

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