Friday in Basel

Me and Francois had a long snooze before breakfast at the hotel! Me in my red and green Gucci dress, and Gucci bag!Breakfast was really good! Loads of choices We ate WAY TO MUCH as always! The horses are having a well deserved day off! And just walking! we relaxed a bit at the room, Francois was watching tv in bed and I staid in bed to but had some work to do for Pro Horse International, commercial have to be made! Here are the first pull ups! They show the 3 models of PRO Horse international JEM riding breeches! JEM L, JEM, and JEM ONE SEEM!

We went to town to have lunch with famous musician Ronnie Cuber and his manager! Ronnie was my birthday present to Francois last year! I stalked Ronnie and contacted him in every possible way until he answered, then I paid him to fly from New York City to here for he sole reason to play for Francois on his birthday! This is from Francois birthday last year! He had now idea that Ronnie was coming and was very surprised and happy Back to present day! We went to town to have lunch with them! My outfit, had changed in to a skirt and a pullover from courreges, burberry scarf and gloves, Chanel boots and bag

We had a really good lunch at a little Italian place! I had my favorite spaghetti with pasta

Before the concert me and ❤️Francois went to the gym and to the pool! Then concert time! Wearing a Versace dress and bracelet to match! We are actually at the concert now as I am finishing the blog!Francois enjoying the concert! Guys are playing really good! Gonna finish up and give my full attention to the music now! Have a great Friday evening!

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